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Mary did you know A cappella

Mary did you know A cappella performed at Kowloon Region Xmas Sunday.



Double Happiness in International Ministry

We are happy to share the news of 2 sisters baptized October 18th at Stanley Beach. We are encouraged to witness our disciples with a ‘set apart’ example, having an impact in their homes & sharing the gospel with their helpers. Jesus is being effectively preached whether at home, at school, at work or on the streets of our daily life.

Nelia Cabonce, came to the Sunday Sisters ministry through her employer Veron (iMK) sector. She has eagerly studied the Bible with a grateful & humble heart. Her childhood years filled her heart with great bitterness, anger & hatred. Studying the Bible gave her willingness to forgive as Jesus forgave her of her sins. Having the courage to forgive & reconcile has given Nelia a new spiritual beginning & a heart that is now at peace, with inner joy & a grateful spirit for the chance to walk as Jesus did. Her favorite Scripture & heartfelt conviction is Matthew 6: 14-15 “For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.”

Lenora Villanueva, also came to join the Sunday Sisters ministry through her employer Bun & Whisky (IC ) sector. She has always studied the Bible over the past several months with great consistency & a desire to know God. In studying God’s Word Lenora came to realize that she was very self-deceived about her character & sins of pride. Confessing, repenting & making Jesus Lord was a decision to live a consistent inner & outer life & walk the talk of a follower of Jesus. Having a clear conscience & being able to imitate Jesus in His walk with God is what she considers her greatest source of joy in facing the future. Micah 6: 8 “He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” Lenora is seeking imprint this Scripture on her heart, mind & daily walk as a disciple.

Lenora in the pink T-shirt & Nelia in the blue T-shirt:

2015-10-18 intl

Baptism Story: Tsz Shan 2015-08-22

2015-08-22 Chishan 2

We are excited to share with you the good news from Family & Youth Sector. Tsz Shan, who grows up in the church, was baptized on 2015-08-22.

Tsz Shan is the daughter of Ling in TKO Sector, studying Form 5. She first come to church when she was 6 years old together with her younger brother and her mother. Later, Ling was baptized.

2015-08-22 Chishan 3

Tsz Shan lived in a grassroots family, she had not any goals and expectation for her life. Just muddling along. When she go preteens, she admitted that she wanted to go to church because she did not want her pocket money being confiscated.

As she started to go to church intermittently, the preteens workers put all their efforts to love her, unwilling to give up and lose anyone. Preteens worker tailor-made Sunday spiritual teachings of the Bible and activities for her. God has his own timing. After last year Sector Camp, she made a 180 degrees turn. She shared with others: I have found my reason to go to church!

From then on, she was longing to go to church, building relationship with other teens, brought her friends to church, even made effort to study the bible. After 5 months’ bible study, Tsz Shan frankly said that she felt like she was a useless person before, without self-confidence. Until she found her value in the eyes of God, she wanted to live a meaningful, joyful and godly life. Many aunties share in Tsz Shan’s baptism, telling everyone that they watched Tsz Shan grow up from a small kid, her changes let them see the greatness of God. Encouraged many souls.

2015-08-22 Chishan 4

We especially appreciate Chi & Jenny, our preteens leaders. They has a difficult task, which is to help the kids go from preteens stage to teens stage. And they do it well. We can see all these preteens are now growing. This is their first fruit, and surely more will be coming.

To God be the glory!

2015-08-22 Chishan 1

Baptism Story: Cathy Yip 2015-08-30

2015-08-30 cathy 11

I would like to share with you all a Boundless Campus baptism’s good news.

Cathy Yip, a HKUST Science year-3 student, was baptized in Clearwater Bay yesterday. This news thrilled us all, since UST has been considered as one of the hardest campus fields for the gospel ever. And yet, God led this simple-hearted soul to seek Him in a proper time.

Boundless campus has tried to reach out to UST students again since last summer, Cathy came to one of our activities a year ago without interest towards the Bible nor having any good talks with Christians. In fact, she was kind of self-protective and shy, hardly responded to a simple conversation in sentences. Cathy is a smart girl and has done great in academic, though she was too much of an intellectual to feel and have emotions.

Her secondary school classmate, a baptised KK, Tsz Wah’s persistency and unfailing love touched her heart bit by bit. Cathy started to study the Bible with Topaz, Phoebe(both of them are Flying Eagles) together with Tsz Wah this summer.

2015-08-30 cathy 8 2015-08-30 cathy 7
Cathy’s father died “mysteriously” when she was small, no one mentioned about it in her family and she dared not to ask for the detail. This became an empty hole in her heart that couldn’t be filled all these years…she kept her feelings concealed and didn’t let herself devote fully in any relationships. Until the moment she studied the lesson of sin, she broke into tears during the whole study, she learnt that it’s sins have relationships separated. Cathy is a brave girl, the more she saw her sins, the more she got her strength, she decided to repent of her selfishness, namely that she had herself isolated all the time. Her repentance has been full of determination as well as love, aside from apologizing for her bad behavior at home, she expressed to her mother how the Bible study has changed her life tremendously since this couple of months. Most importantly, she gave a first time ever warm hug to her mum, not a single time Cathy could recall that she and her mum had held hands or given hugs to each other in the past… Her mum was touched by her change with grateful tears, also gave full support for Cathy’s decision to become a christian.
2015-08-30 cathy 2
During the baptism yesterday, before taking the confession, Tsz Wah said to Cathy, “I always knew that you were sad about not having a father like everybody did when we knew each other at school back then, however, from now on, you are having the Heavenly Father instead…”

Once again, God is so good!

2015-08-30 cathy 4 2015-08-30 cathy 5